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Below are few attributes we excel in that differentiate us from our competition:


  • Dedicated recruiting teams
  • 24 hour sourcing model
  • Skills assessments
  • Cost effective solutions, not cheap resources
  • High retention rates among consultant staff


  • Adapt to various delivery and engagement models
  • Instant ramp up and overflow capacity
  • Adapt to different financial models
  • Quick response to changes in resource needs or contracts


  • Repeatable pattern of success
  • Provide staffing and outsourcing services so we understand the challenges with sourcing a project
  • Proven 8 year track record delivering services
  • Dependable partnerships with top technology companies
  • Innovation

Entrepreneurial Approach

  • Out of the box thinking
  • Consistent ability and experience to drive innovation in client environments


  • High emphasis on leadership training and process training
  • Teams created with proven and known resources
  • Metrics that drive success