How to Advance Your IT Career

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ITcarrerGetting ahead professionally takes more than intelligence and hard work. There are several key actions IT professionals can take to stand out in the crowd and rise to the top.

Know What’s Expected

The more clarity you have around what your employer, your peers and your team expects of you, the better positioned you are to prioritize, meet and exceed those expectations. Rely on your GSK Solutions team to offer insight and guidance on job opportunities and responsibilities.

Be Great at Your Job

Take pride in your work and continue to sharpen your skills by pursuing opportunities and academic programs that require you to stretch beyond your initial comfort zone. Remember to have a positive attitude throughout your job’s ups and downs, as this will help you stand out and stay in demand. Talk with your GSK Solutions recruiter for job guidance or to learn more about our available training and development opportunities.

Remember the End Game

There is a good reason clients seek support from talented consultants like you—they have a goal that they want to achieve. Talk with your GSK Solutions team to make sure you understand the business objectives involved in the client’s IT projects and update your resume with the tangible business results you helped the client accomplish. IT leaders are always looking for professionals who can help them better align IT with the business.

Look for Ways to Add Value

An IT department’s job is never done. While you may be nearing the end of one assignment, more initiatives are going on around you—or at least budding on the horizon. Stay connected with projects coming up the pipeline and work with your GSK Solutions team to keep you informed about where your skills are needed.

Give and Receive Feedback

Honest feedback is necessary for relationships to work well. Seek input from your client and your GSK Solutions team. Do not shy away from providing us with candid insight on how we can be a better resource to you. By staying open to all forms of feedback—good and bad—we can continue to grow and improve. We also obtain valuable references that help to open future doors.