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A resume makes the first impression during an IT job search. The more a resume effectively captures and markets a candidate’s skills and accomplishments, the more likely that candidate will stand out in a group of applicants.

IT Resume Best Practices

Whether your resume is in need of an update or you are taking the first step to create one, here are some best practices and tips to help.

Update Your IT Resume Often

Keeping your resume updated with your most recent accomplishments is the best way to ensure you are contacted about the most relevant job opportunities. Update your resume with GSK Solutions to be considered for opportunities that align with your skills.

Tailor Your IT Resume

Take some time to think about what you are trying to achieve professionally. What is your dream job? Tailor your resume to make sure your objectives are clear and the skills you need to land your dream job are highlighted. An executive summary that lists your key skills can also help to clearly identify what you have done and what you are looking to do next.

Keep It Simple

Most hiring managers are reading many resumes and may bypass lengthy or wordy resumes. Keep your resume concise. Explain your past performance in a way that shows the business benefits you provided to your past employers.

Show Your Value

When describing your responsibilities in a position you held, make certain to discuss the outcomes you achieved. Ask yourself, “Why did my employer want me to do this task? What would happen if the task was not done?” These questions will help you uncover the true impact you made to the business.

Remember the Business

Leaders value IT professionals who understand their industry and their business. Ensure you share this insight on your resume in addition to your technical skills.

Pay Attention to Detail

Grammar and spelling errors are unacceptable when you apply for a job. Make sure you proofread your resume and get another opinion. Even the best software cannot detect usage errors or catch every mistake. A second set of eyes can help spot and correct errors that you miss.

Create Different Versions

Due to the assortment of software programs to read and write documents, job seekers should have a resume available in a variety of file formats. If you are posting your resume on job boards or websites, having it in a plain text format (.rtf and .txt) or Microsoft Word (.doc) is preferable. If you are submitting your resume to an employer, PDF is the best choice because it will ensure consistency regardless of the program or hardware used to view it.

Continue to Learn

It is critical for professionals to stay current with new trends and skills, especially in the IT field. Stay up to speed by targeting relevant work experiences and/or outside learning.

Ask for Feedback

Do not feel uncomfortable asking for help; we have all been on the hunt for a rewarding position at some point! Your GSK Solutions team is happy to provide IT career advice and read over your resume to provide candid feedback on how you can improve it.